SandDeck is a deck of playing cards with a unique, functional, sandbag based workout printed on each card.  The workouts are designed to be accomplished in suit from Ace to King with the two Jokers used as assessment workouts.  Each workout includes a recommended male and female weight for three fitness levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced.  The only equipment required is a sandbag and a pull-up bar.  Additional complimentary lifts (requiring more equipment) are posted on to enhance each workout.

Get your copy of SandDeck from Brute Force Training (using this affiliate link supports the free workout content we provide).


  1. Is there a digital copy of the deck of cards since I am currently deployed and unable to order. And they are sold out…


    1. Hey man, sorry to hear they are sold out. They should have gotten a bunch yesterday. I can certainly send you a digital copy of some workouts. Where are you deployed?


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