Start Here!

SandDeck is designed for you to accomplish the workouts “in suit” from Ace to King.  It doesn’t matter which suit you choose, so pick your favorite and get started.

Equipment: Sandbag and Pull-up Bar.  If you don’t have a pull-up bar, substitute bent over rows.

The Joker:  There Jokers in SandDeck are assessment workouts.  We recommend you do them as your first and second workouts.  Use them to establish your starting fitness category.  The Black Joker: this workout should take approximately 6 minutes and is an all out effort.  If you complete it in less than 5 minutes, increase the weight you use in your workouts.  Conversely, if you complete this workout in more than 8 minutes, decrease the weight you use.  The Red Joker: you should complete approximately 10-11 rounds, if you complete more than 13-14 rounds, increase the weight you use in the workouts.  If you complete less than 7-8 rounds, decrease the weight your use.

Once you have completed the Joker assessment, pick a suit and get started.  When you have completed all four suits, take the Joker assessment again to see how much progress you’ve made.

Now get to work!

Expanded strength workouts for each card.

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